This tool can be used to investigate the potential impact that Brexit (Britain's withdrawal from the European Union) will have on your farming business.

A report will be generated predicting the consequences of three possible Brexit scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: Full and comprehensive free-trade agreement with the EU. Support payments stay at the current level.
  • Scenario 2: No free-trade agreement with the EU but the UK unilaterally lowers all agricultural tariffs to zero. Level of support reduced by 50% and permanent labour costs rise.
  • Scenario 3: No free-trade agreement with EU and the UK adopts current EU tariff levels on all agricultural trade. Level of support reduced by 75%. Permanent and casual labour costs rise.

Please enter input and output data for your business, either by ha or by enterprise. If you do not have the data to hand, you may use the default sector averages for your business.